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About Magnus Högfeldt

Born in 1983 and raised in a little Danish town called Skælskør, but currently living in Skåne, Sweden.

With a Danish mom and a Swedish dad, I have always felt a strong connection to both countries - but when it comes to the music, Sweden is my clear favorite.

I started playing in an early age - first the accordion, but it was swapped for the much more handy whistle. With the whistle came the Swedish bagpipe, and later the clarinet and bass clarinet.

With a carpenter dad, the life in the workshop lies deeply in me - and when  I tried to make a new chanter for my bagpipe, it went pretty well - and the interest was quickly awaken. 

I wanted to learn how to do it properly, and I thought "if I have to learn how to build an instrument, i want to start with the most complicated one - the fiddle". I went to Cambridge to learn the craft from violin builder Juliet Barker. 

When I was first introduced to the fantastic world of older Swedish instruments, I was sold. The nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) and vevlira (hurdy gurdy) is now, besides the bagpipes, my greatest passion.

I have a small workshop equipped with the tools needed to build most instrument types - and I am always exploring new instruments, tools and techniques.

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